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Sunday Shorts

Short Program 6  (Student Program) - Sunday September 2nd at 10am
The Martello Suite

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For Pepper

Upon discovering her dead budgie, Pepper, Anna begins a quest to capture God in revenge.

Written and Directed by Rebecca Singleton

Produced by  Nessa O'Callaghan

Running Time 9 Mins

Origin Ireland

Duffle Bag Boy

A lonely young woman invites a drug dealer to her house for an exchange. She is surprised to find that they may have an unexpected connection.

Written and Directed by Chris Higgins

Produced by James McGlade, Anita Onofrio and Chris Higgins

Running Time 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Just a Normal Irish Story

A story based on the folktale 'The cow that ate the Piper'.''Just a normal Irish story ' is a short film about two lads first experience in their village pub in rural Ireland in the 1920's. 

Written, Directed and Produced by Ryan Rafferty
Running Time: 15 Mins
Origin: Ireland

The Gates

The Gates takes place in a father’s head moments before his last breath, as he attempts to come to terms with the fact that he will leave his daughter behind. Through a conversation with his “Maker”, he learns about the positive and negative impact he had on his daughter’s life

Written and Directed by Peter Toplis

Co Written by Evan Sunderland

Produced by Ciana Sherlock

Running Time: 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Finding Charlie

Finding Charlie is a heartwarming short film that follows the life of Matty, a 38 year old man who's life is stuck in a rut. He spends most of his time in the local, either having a pint or playing guitar on a Saturday night with his band. That is until one day, nineteen year old Charlie enters the pub looking for Matty's ex girlfriend from 20 years ago. Only one thought strikes Matty... could this be the child that they gave up for adoption all those years back?
This story deals with letting go of the past, opening up to those around you and rebuilding relationships that were once thought were lost

Directed by Claudia Hoey

Written and Produced by Shauna Doyle

Running Time: 12 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Dark comedy set in a futuristic Ireland. Our story explores our attitudes to life and death and follows the journey of a young man on the brink of suicide.

Written and Directed by Dave Fox

Produced by Laura Gaynor

Running Time: 19 Mins

Origin: Ireland 

Growing Strong

Growing Strong is a short documentary about Integrated Education in Derry ~ Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Integrated Education attempts to bring the divided Nationalist and Unionists communities together by accepting children from all backgrounds and faiths to learn, play and grow together.

Directed by Peter Melrose

Produced by Adam Stanley

Running Time: 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Tommy Rot

Tommy Rot is centered on the experiences of Irish soldiers on the front line in World War 1, where dishonesty is the best policy.

Written and Directed by Noel Aungier
Produced by Ballyfermot Senior College
Running Time:11 Mins
Origin: Ireland


Tony, a convict and drug addict, desperate for a new relationship with his daughter and former partner, must overcome his past temptations and prove that he's finally changed his ways.

Written by Dora Cowper
Directed by Oisin-Tomas O Raghallaigh
Produced Natalie Hall and Titus Indrapally
Running Time: 11 Mins
Origin: Ireland


After getting a lift late at night, Brendan makes a decision that will have serious consequences

Written and Directed by David Deehan

Running Time: 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Interview

Another day, another chance at sustainable income. A young woman, known only to us by her numbered tag (622), has been waiting around to be seen by her potential new employers. She sits and reflects on past dreams and aspirations. Wondering what could have been. Little does she know what awaits in the next room will affect everything about her and her life going forward. This interview means more to her than she knows.

Written by Paul Bruton

Directed by Barry McColgan

Produced by Shane Forde

Running Time 9 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland

Rowers Documentary

A chronicling tale of a group of young athletes in one of the oldest rowing clubs in Ireland undertaking one of the oldest most disciplined sports in the world. Mentored by the fathering coach, our rookies, Jack (the coaches son), Dach and Darren, go through intensive rowing sessions and participate in career changing events to see who has what it takes too go forward into going into the Irish National Rowing Championships. However it is not an easy course where technique and attitude fall.

Written, Directed and Produced by Joseph Fuller

Running Time 26 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Scorched Earth

When John finds out his brother's secret, he must face a familiar moral question.

Written, Directed and Produced by Ryan McDonnell

Running Time 12 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Short Program 7 - Sunday September 2nd at
The Martello Suite


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Quentin is a former war photographer suffering the effects of PTSD.
He struggles to free himself from the past until an accidental barroom meeting with Morgan changes his life for ever.
From then on it is an intense battle of wills.
She uses him to take herself to the point of no return, teetering on the edge of darkness, sexual fantasy and sheer madness.

Written and Directed by Chris Lambert

Produced by Lisa Prestt

Running Time 23 Mins

Origin: New Zeland

A Break in the Clouds

A young couple struggle to adjust to life following the birth of their first child.

Written and Directed by Tristan Heanue

Produced by Tristan Heanue and Paddy Slattery

Running Time 20 MIns

Origin: Ireland


Artist Joe’s fantasy is to paint his beautiful muse into one of his gothic paintings. His wish is about to be granted... though not in the way he could ever have imagined...

Written and Directed by Caroline Farrell

Produced by Ninnyhammer Productions

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Raven

The Raven tells the story of a poet longing for his lost love.

Edgar Allan Poe's masterpiece comes to life.

Written, Directed and Produced by Damian Draven
Running Time 18 Mins
Origin: Ireland


The line between reality and nightmares are blurred when a young businessman moves into his new home in the countryside where he finds a harmless fairy ring.

Written, Directed and Produced by Ryan Darnell

Running Time 19 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Secret Market

Dr. Amy McCarthy has risen through the medical ranks to become chief surgeon. She has a near perfect life until her past comes back to haunt her.

Written by Conor Ryan

Directed by Garret Daly

Produced by Martina McGlynn

Running Time 22 Mins


Over the course of their school break, two friends attempt to escape their mundane realities and troubled home lives through comic books, monster movies and science fiction. While out fishing in a stream one day, they catch something that will change their world forever.

Written and Produced by Simon Murphy

Directed by Wayne Doherty

Running Time 13 Mins

The Flight to Memmingen

A darkly comic relationship drama, The Flight to Memmingen tells of the rise and tragic demise of standup comedian Dave Murphy. He just wants some peace to write his famine sitcom, but at what price?

Written, Directed and Produced by  Greg Corcoran

Running Time 14 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Short Program 8 - Sunday September 2nd at
The Martello Suite


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Behind Closed Doors

A psychological drama about a brother and sister who undergo psychotherapy sessions in order for them to come to terms with the repercussions of a life living under a psychotic and delusional father. 

Written and Directed by Stephen Clarke Dunne

Produced by Paddy Murphy, Stephen Horgan, John Sweeney and Stephen Clarke Dunne

Running Time 23 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Lost and Found

Charlie and his recently widowed mom struggle to move on with their lives. There’s money trouble too. Charlie has a way with animals that allows him to devise a novel (and probably illegal) money making scheme. He’ll become the breadwinner, and scare off his mom’s real and imaginary suitors.

Written and Directed by Liam O'Neill

Produced by Magda Puzmujzniak

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A man wakes up with a strange tune in his head. But what is it? And how did it get there?

Written by Ken Williams

Directed by Ken WIlliams and Denis Fitzpatrick

Produced by Steven Daly

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Teen Hearts

Seventeen year old Alix can’t believe her good fortune when her favourite band comes to Dublin for a Web Convention. Not only that but that the lead singer reciprocates her romantic feelings. However, Alix is right to be skeptical. Digital dreams aren’t what they seem and soon hers come crashing straight into the cold, harsh reality.

Written and Directed by Florence Bradish

Produced by Rebecca Young

Running Time 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Dead Quiet

Socialite Ellen and her twenty year old daughter Chloe agree to disagree most of the time. They love each other very much, and it’s that love which tests them and drives them into different directions.

Written and Directed by Fabiano Albuquerque

Produced by Joe Kavanagh

Running Time 12 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A man in the twilight of his life embarks on an emotional journey to seek out the home and family he had left in his youth.

Written by Linda Bhreathnach and Bridget Bhreathnach

Directed by Linda Bhreathnach

Produced by Marina Donahue

Running Time 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Once Upon a Dream

When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks... Litteraly, the girl of his dreams ! Only, Ludivine has a feeling this boy meet girl scenario will take a nightmarish turn...

Written and Directed by Anthony Nion

Produced by Anthony Nion and Delphine Louradour

Running Time 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland 

My Sister Fi

On 22nd August 1996 the lives of the Pender family changed forever, now 22 years later they are still searching for answers

Directed and Produced by Damien Connolly

Running Time 17 Mins

Origin: Ireland

An Beanshi

What would you do if you saw a beautiful woman crying at a work party? Would you make sure she was OK? Would you follow her? And if so... How far?

Written and Directed by Paddy Murphy

Produced by Aaron Walsh, Barry Fahy, Paddy Murphy, Susan Ferrero Gardetto, Nick Gardetto,  Anthony Picerno and Philip Wilcox

Running Time 4 Mins

Origin: Ireland