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Saturday Shorts

Short Film Program 4 - Saturday September 1st at 6pm
The Kingstown Suite 

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Your festival pass gives you access to all all short and feature films throughout the four days of the festival.  Includes opening or closing films

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Entry to Short Film Program 4

Inside Im Racing

A young autistic boy fascinated with motorsport unexpectedly finds a chance to put his passion to the test.

Written and Directed by Aleksander Szeser

Produced by Aidan Whelan

Running Time 18 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Saving Santa

A little girl by the name of Ruby Fair, along with the rest of her family, is still trying to come to terms with her mother's death. On the way home from school, she comes across a man in the street who seems to be destitute. He's a street drinker, and he happens to bear a striking resemblance to Santa Claus. Despite his protestations that she leave him alone, she persists in visiting, and takes great comfort in helping him.

Written by Jonathan Fulton

Directed by Keith O'Grady

Running Time: 17 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland

The Wake

A young Englishman is brought to a traditional Irish wake, but not all is as it seems.

Directed, Written and Produced by Rik Gordon

Running Time: 9 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland


A couple dealing with the aftermath of a terrible accident explore what we will and won't sacrifice for the person we love.

QED poses the ultimate ethical quandary in a society where the right to die is forbidden by law.

Written & Directed by Amy Joyce Hastings

Produced by Trisha Flood

Running Time: 17 Mins

Origin: Ireland

A Timely Gift

One year on from a horrific car accident, a deeply-troubled artist suffering from long-term amnesia receives a mysterious gift from her Grandfather who passed away in her childhood.

Written, Directed and Produced  by Paireac Keane

Produced by Ben Condell and Elise Brown

Running Time: 22 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Fugitive Bell of Mactelewus

Welsh monk Giraldus and his novice Bartholanus travel through Ireland. Their mission is to write a book, a Topographia, of the land and its people, the miracles they witness and the people they meet in the land of Saints and Scholars. Satire, Fantasy, Drama.

Written and Directed by Liza Bolton

Produced by Chris Bolton

Running Time: 12 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Earthly Bonds

An imaginative eight year old girl tries to create a spaceship in her treehouse after the loss of her Mother, while her grieving father descends into alcoholism.

Written and Directed by Alan Dunne

Produced by Eamonn Tutty

Running Time 16 Mins


Nature is all around us. Sometimes you just have to reach out and touch it.

Erithacus rubecula or the humble Robin Redbreast as it is more commonly known is a friendly, inquisitive, territorial bird, familiar to many Irish homes. The Robin is possibly the most easily identifiable Irish garden bird. Robins have a personality and demeanour all of their own.

Hugh O'Neill has a symbiotic relationship with the one that patrols his garden and a love of birds in general that is shared by many Irish people.

A short documentary about our relationship with nature, featuring Birds, Dogs and lots of Charlie.

Written, Directed and Produced by Simon O'NEill 

Running Time: 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Short Film Program 5  Saturday September 1st at 815pm
The Kingstown Suite 


Short Film Ticket 

Front of House Price €7

Online Price €6

Entry to Short Film Program 5

Gone Egg

A young egg can't take the peer pressure.

Written and Produced by Neil O'Neil

Directed by  Lawrence Constantine

Running Time 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

Night Out In Killashandra

Modern way to meet the opposite sex- -classic male-female misinterpretation-

Written, Directed and Produced by  Lina Jalala

Running Time: 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

An Bosca

"An Bosca" is an Irish language one-minute short film about homelessness and the innocence of a young child.

Written and Directed by Stephen Clarke Dunne

Produced by Stephen Clarke Dunne and William Collins

Running Time 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

The Marksman

An army sniper contemplates the lives of those he is tasked with eliminating.

Written and Directed by Conor Healy

Produced by Darren O'Mahony

Running Time: 1 Min

Origin: Ireland


2 penguins in the South Pole; 1 has a cold and the other has no patience.

Written, Directed and Produced by Robert Keane

Running Time: 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

All About Me

Written by Claire Millane,  Barbara Soares and Cathal Feeney

Directed by Cathal Feeney and Barbara Soares

Produced by  Silvana Benedetto and Cathal Feeney

Running Time 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

No Dogs

A family is made homeless due to spiraling housing costs. Sarah is sneaking back to her former home to feed the family pet dog. When she arrives one morning a woman is taking the dog away as No Dog should be left homeless.

Written and Directed by Roisin Kearney

Produced by  Alan Joyce and Lynn Larkin

Running Time: 1 Min

Origin: Ireland


A tired, hungry but determined man tries to make some toast, with one major obstacle blocking his path.

Written, Directed and Produced by Aaron Moloney

Running Time 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

An Idea

I had an Idea. I gave myself 100 days to better myself and make a piece of art in the process..

Written and Produced by Ivan Cush

Directed by Ivan Cush and Sinead McGowan

Running Time 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

One Catholic Helps Another

In 1870's Ireland, a shipwrecked catholic British soldier prays for his life as he is in range of the gun of a civilian. Will the civilian spare this other catholics life?

Written, Directed and Produced by Joseph Fuller

Running Time 1 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Deli Life

Be kind to those behind the deli counter... you never know what they're thinking.

Written by Amy Gallagher 

Directed by Eoin O'Sullivan and Amy Gallagher

Produced by Amy Gallagher

Running Time 1 Min

Origin: Ireland

Waves Over The Sands

A heartbroken photographer must reconnect with her father, who through dementia does not remember her

Written and Directed by Mark Nugent

Produced by Alec Liddle

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland


A jogger and a young man try to save a crash victims life.

Written and Directed by Patrick Ketch

Produced by Chris Cullen

Running Time 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland


This is a story of survival and overcoming ones circumstances. It is told through the eyes of Ellie a young girl experiencing abuse along with her mother and their struggle to overcome it.

Written, Directed and Produced by Tim Laubscher

Running Time 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland

A Very Irish Family

The Gallipoli and Western Front campaigns of 1915 impact dramatically on the hopes and dreams of an ambitious and well-to-do Irish family

Written by Rob and Declan Gill

Directed by Emmet Kelly

Produced by Emmett Kelly and Declan Gill

Running Time 14 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Dre, a young black man from south London, travels to the small village in Ireland to see first-hand where his grandfather came from. When he visits the local pub, Dre catches the attention of three attractive young local girls who invite him over for a drink. They enjoy the evenings craic however Dre soon catches the attention of one of the bars regulars and discovers that this village hides something more sinister.

Written, Directed and Produced by Ciarán Mullin

Running Time 12 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland


John and Rebecca attend a gig in town only to find that the act, Nick, has some incredibly committed fans. As the crowd grow ever more animated, John and Rebecca find themselves going to great lengths to prove their devotion to the charismatic singer. A film about the dangers of peer pressure and mob mentality.

Written, Directed and Produced by Jack Levy

Running Time 14

Origin: UK

Knock at the Door

On an autumn afternoon, an elderly Mrs Harris gets ready for a relaxing evening at home when she is interrupted by a stranger at her doorstep. Convinced by the stranger's charm, Mrs Harris let's him in to her home.

Written and Directed by Michael Constable

Produced by Rowena Wallace and Michael Constable

Running Time 9 Mins

Origin: UK

By Blood

Once a ruthless war lord who won his land by his sword, Mort-Lieu is now a sick old man. A mysterious knight appears ; Mort-Lieu believes the stranger is Death himself coming to get him. Facing his own end, Mort-Lieu has to confront his legacy.

Written and Directed by Guillaume Enard and  Jonathan Delerue

Produced by  Guillaume Enard, Jonathan Delerue,  Matthieu Berenguer and  Emmanuel Hamon

Running Time 20 Mins

Origin: France

Lost Memories

Inspired by a true story. Seán races against the clock to his mother's deathbed while dealing with inter-family politics over the phone

Written by Emmet Kelly and Eamonn Murphy

Directed by Eamonn Murphy

Produced by Quentin Ahearne

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland