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Saturday Shorts

Short Film Program 1 - Saturday August 31st at 1030am
The Carlisle Suite 

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Program Line Up

The Homecoming

A Hurricane Fighter pilot is discharged from the RAF in Malta due to a horrific injury and returns home to his wife and a London under siege by the German Luftwaffe in the 1940 Blitz

Written and Directed by Chris McMorrow

Produced by Chris McMorrow and Marco Griffini

Running Time 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us is a family based drama between three estranged siblings who are forced to reconnect when a tragedy occurs in their family. The story explores the wide range of emotions they have toward each other, present and past, and what their relationships will look like moving forward.

Written and Produced by Emmet Kelly

Directed by Elaine Kennedy

Running Time: 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Whiskey Sours

Helen bumps into long since emigrated ex Derek. They get to reminiscing, but little do they know that they're both about to make a discovery about their past which changes everything.

Written and Produced by Fabien Oman

Directed by Giorgio Paoletti

Running Time: 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland

39 Years

Shot across the island of Ireland 39 years on from the last papal visit, this observational documentary reveals the mixed emotions, hurt and reactions to Pope Francis' 2018 visit.

Directed and Produced by Jamie Goldrick 

Running Time: 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Reclamation: The Rise at Standing Rock

In 2016 from the summer through the harsh winter at Standing Rock, North Dakota, the youth of many tribes unite the Native Nations for the first time in 150 years and rise up in spiritual solidarity to non-violently fight for Unci Maka (Mother Earth) against the 3.8 billion dollar Dakota Access Oil Pipeline (DAPL). These young Native leaders known as water protectors join together to honor their destiny as they pray and protect Mother Earth by leading a peaceful movement of resistance which awakens the world.

Directed by Michele Noble 

Produced by Paul Alberghetti & Michele Noble

Running Time: 23 Mins

Origin: America

Bending Glass

Since the beginning of the neon industry in Ireland in the 1930s, the community has been incredibly closed and tight knit. There is no formal training, with only 5 glass benders in the country today. Eighty year old Paddy is the oldest and most experienced of the allumni, having started his career in the glassblowing industry at the age of 16. From his workshop, Paddy guides us through the process of making these coveted signs as he reflects on the highs and lows of his career and reveals his thoughts on the industries uncertain future.

Written and Directed by Suzie Keegan

Produced by Peter Murnaghan

Running Time: 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland


DUST is a psychological thriller about contemporary addiction. Addiction to love, addiction to drugs, video-computer games and losing ones mind chasing the ultimate addiction: Fantasy!

Written and Directed by Nigel Mulligan

Produced by Jamie Doyle, Karl Dillon, Gordon Mulligan Edel Hurley & Emily Hurley

Running Time 20 Mins


The journey of a resilient, impassioned young woman as she transcends her native Connemara in search of a brighter future in a world that’s failing her.

Written and Directed by Mark William Logan

Produced by Paul Walsh and Hannah McGlynn

Running Time: 14 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Grand Canal

An old homeless man sits on a bench, on the banks of Dublin's Grand Canal, and talks of love and life to a man with nothing to say.

Written and Directed by Richard Keane

Produced by Emma Owen

Running Time: 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Torn in two, a young man struggles to reconcile his doubt with his faith.

Written, Directed and Produced by Spencer Hertherington

Running Time 4 Mins

Origin: Canada

Short Film Program 2  
Saturday August 31st at 1pm
The Carlisle Suite 


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Program Line Up

The Monterrey Express

In 1940, Irish vaudevillians Mr Lewis and Mr Hardy are on a train to Monterrey, with Mr Hardy’s new fiancée and her oppressed ward. But when Mr Lewis realises that Mr Hardy has abandoned their plans for a future in vaudeville, his darker skills emerge. .

Written and Directed by Anthony Breatnach

Produced by Robert Kelly and Tana French

Running Time 13 Min

Origin: Ireland

I Created You

Documentary on the creation of a life size carving of King Malachy, High King of Ireland

Written, Directed and Produced by  Noel McIntyre

Running Time: 14 Min

Origin: Ireland

Not My Day

Jack is a unemployed man living with his grandmother. He goes to an interview with the hope of getting a job but luck is not in his favour.

Written, Directed and Produced by Michael Costello

Running Time 11 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland

The Forgotten

A man suffering from temporary memory loss aims to get home to save his wife and daughter from being evicted from their home.

Written and Directed by Sam Uhlemann

Produced by Julianne Wothe

Running Time: 15 Min

Origin: Ireland


After seven years of hopelessness and trying to have a baby, Rozhan and Zmnako get the happy news that they will have one.   This makes Rozhan enthusiastic. On the other hand, Zmnako is sad, which makes Rozhan jealous and through his phone, finds several text messages which she thinks her husband is cheating on her.
But later she finds out that he has cancer which made him terribly sad.

Directed and Produced by Xaibar Rafiq   

Running Time: 15 Min

Origin: Iraq


As usual, the whole family, Mum, Dad and the kids, is leaving home for the weekend. Everything works fine until Mum decides to wash the car.

Written, Directed and Produced by Joan Bentosela

Running Time 13 Min

Origin: France

Holiday Home

Three friends experience the ups and downs of love and friendship over the course of twenty four hours at a holiday resort during the summer

Written, Directed and Produced by Conor King

Running Time: 12 Min

Origin: Ireland

Into The Jungle

Inspired by his time filming for the UN on climate change, Filmmaker Justin Davey explores the nexus between animal conservation, habitat protection and climate change around Nepal's Bardiya National Park in the precious Terai Arc Landscape.

Directed by Justin Davey

Running Time 11 Min

Origin: USA

Saving Grace

Three life long friends are forced out of their rut when they face losing one of the trio.

Written and Siobhán Kavanagh 

Produced by Dawn MacAllister

Running Time 13 Min

Origin: Ireland

The Big Race

Set in a surreal world of giant TV’s, talking flowers and dancing Ravens, two mannequins discuss the controversial race between Mr. Tortoise and Ms. Rabbit after allegations surface that the race was rigged by the Ravens.

Written, Directed and Produced by John Williams

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: USA

Short Film Program 3
Saturday September 31st
at 330pm
The Carlisle Suite


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Online Price €6

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Program Line Up

Ectoplasmic Rods and Other Experiments

Life, death and paranormal activity on the back streets of Belfast in the early 20th Century, author and performer Reggie Chamberlain-King discusses his influences and research carried out for his book Weird Belfast. Strange but true.

Directed by Jonny Porter

Running Time 11 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Taobh le Taobh

This film investigates the artistic process of visual artist Matthew Mitchell and his exploration of texture, surface and topography in the Burren, County Clare. 

Directed by Kev L Smyth

Running Time 5 Mins

Origin: Ireland

A Small Mistake

A respected young gentleman and the secret operator of a low key numbers racket is pressured by the Mafia to surrender his business. He enlists the aid of a psychopath to deal with the enemy and unwittingly participates in the murder of the wife and children of the godfather. A pact with the devil will have consequences that is beyond the control of each participant.

Directed by William Weinig
Written by William Weinig and Nick LeBlanc
Running Time 19 Mins
Origin: USA


"Dollhouse" takes place on the morning of Saoirse's last day in a psychologically abusive relationship as she packs up her belongings and prepares to start a new life.

Written, Directed and Produced by Sarah Garland

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland

When to Fold 'Em

Two gangsters hunting down the loot of a robbery find that nothing goes to plan.

Written and Directed by Pete Harris

Produced by Pete Harris and Shane O'Keefe

Running Time 12 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Bad Fruit

This is a film about the Tuam babies in Ireland. 796 babies were thrown in a septic tank, no proper burials, no prayers, no respect. The nuns have not yet apologised for their actions. This film is a testimony told by the survivors of Tuam mother and baby home, their experience and stories. I am publishing this with great respect for the victims, the survivors and Catherine Corless for the amount of time and work she has put into her cause trying to help the victims and having the voices of these babies heard.

Directed by Teresa Lavina

Running Time 11 MIns

Origin: Ireland 

My Pizza Boy

A Pizza delivery with an unusual twist (bread twist that is).

Written and Directed by David Tanaka

Produced by Next Week Productions, Once Overheard

Running Time 2 Mins

Origin: USA

The New Life

Jane,heavily pregnant, hits on Paddy,a younger man, while on a train journey to a new life in the city.

Written and Directed by Leonard Martin

Produced by Julien Behal

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Not Me

An American soldier (Mike) and an Iraqi fighter (Mohammad) are handcuffed together and put in a detention center in Iraq. Mike fights for democracy and Mohammad for God. They hate each other to death but in order to survive, they have to work together. Their survival is based on each other. Stuck in a minefield, they are chased by the Iraqi fighters and American soldiers. With fear and resentment in their hearts, could they survive?

Written and Directed by Mahmoud Salimi

Produced by Maxine Sims,  Mahmoud Salimi, Ashley Jones & Whitney Spann

Running Time 18 Mins

Origin: USA