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Friday Shorts

Short Film Program 1 - Saturday August 31st  at 1030am
The Martello Suite

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"DRAMA" is a mockumentary following the clueless first year film student as they try to make a documentary on actors and what makes them tick under the tutelage of enigmatic acting coach Syrius Jormungand

Written by Luke Hanlon and Ani Davtyan

Produced by Terry Loughran

Produced by Luke Hanlon and Terry Loughran

Running Time: 25 Mins

Origin: Ireland 

Witches of Wonder

Two young witches must figure out how to rescue their younger sister after they accidentally send her back in time.

Written Directed and Produced by John Gigrich

Running Time: 6 Mins

Origin: USA


Software developer Jennifer Brannigan is a strong confident woman working in Dublin's financial district. Her boyfriend John's playful sense of humour can be misunderstood from time to time, however. So when someone begins to tease her by sending her drawings of flowers, her sense of vulnerability becomes magnified and it gets increasingly difficult to know what is real.

Written and Directed by Baz David

Produced by Maria Fioentini

Running Time: 22 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Happy Meal

During a meal in celebration of her birthday, a woman reflects on her life and the choices that she's made. Her dinner guest listens attentively as she reaches a decision about her future that surprises them both.

Written, Directed and Produced by Cathal Feeney

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Under The Selfsame Moon

Boy and Dog set off one morning to cross the Irish countryside.

Along their travels the best friends get lost, scare two hikers and avoid tragedy when one has to save the other. Their journey ends at the coast where one stays and another leaves. Along with the day their friendship draws to a close.

Written and Directed by Brian Bennet

Produced by  Nyree Yergainharsian

Running Time 12 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Black Coffee

A shabby young man whom is both deaf and crippled enters a coffee shop trying to gather spare change from the customers seated inside. He collects money off every customer he encounters, until his condition is questioned by the last customer he gets to.

Written and Directed by  Eskimo Supreme

Produced by Eskimo Supreme and Casey Walsh

Running Time 7 Minutes

Origin: Ireland


Two strangers collide and converse about things that connect them - life, death, and air hockey.

A mourning woman meets a would-be thief, and their unusual encounter helps pull her back from the edge. 'Tides' deals with grief and loss with the kind of dark humour reserved for those bleakest moments, and attempts to shed some light on certain issues not talked about often enough.

Directed by Zoe Kavanagh

Written and Produced by  Chloe Ni Dhuada

Running Time: 17 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Danny Boy

Young Maggie desperately want to learn to play ‘Danny Boy’ on the violin. The fabled Irish song reminds her Dad, Charlie, of happier days spent with Maggie’s long absent Mom, Danielle. Sadly, Maggie’s violin playing is about as musical as a bag of cats.

Written and Directed by  Liam O'Neill

Produced by Annabel Konig

Running Time: 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland

A Christmas to Remember

We are first introduced to our protagonist as he walks through the city centre on Christmas Eve. The city is alive with people going about their last minute shopping but his mind is elsewhere. 

Written by Cathal Feeney

Directed by Maria Fiorentini

Produced by Liam Grant

Running Time: 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Where's Sami

Where is Sami? Who is Sami? It not the pizza guy thats for sure! Or is it?

Written, Directed and Produced by Brian Matthews Murphy

Running Time 3 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Short Film Program 2  Friday August  31st at 1pm
The Martello Suite


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Mary (Kate Donnelly) sees her husband Jim (Lenny Mullen) in a hospital bed breathing with an oxygen mask. Through several flashbacks we see Mary's life full of turmoil, from enduring years of physical and mental abuse from her childhood to adulthood. Jim removes his oxygen mask and the room begins to radiate with white light and he sees Mary in her red dress from all those years ago. Suddenly the illusion is shattered as Mary leaves.

Written by Chris Martin

Directed by AJ Skykes

Produced by Chris Martin and Asib Akram

Running Time: 8 Mins


Permanent Sanctuary

The past comes back to haunt two friends, David and Trevor, when they become trapped and increasingly desperate in an old bunker they visited as children to play a cruel prank.

As the situation grows worse, they begin to realise one of them may survive if the other doesn’t, with desperation suddenly giving way to long buried resentments.

Written by Colin Glennon

Directed and Produced by Niall Glennon

Running Time: 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland


When a diagnosis of cancer is made, Sarah Kelly's world is turned upside down. The story revolves around what effect this illness has on the entire family. As the family hope for the best and prepare for the worst, they relive old memories as well as creating new ones. Dandelion explores the emotional as well as physical toll that cancer brings to anyone who is affected by it in this modern day drama.

Directed and Produced by Oisin McFarland

Written by Conor Waldron

Running Time: 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland


When you're having trouble being intimate, kissing boys in nightclubs is way harder than it seems.

Written by Steven McKenna and Shane Stokes

Directed by Steven McKenna

Produced by Emma Kealy and Steven McKenna

Running Time 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Stars Above and the Frogs in the Grass

In 1950's Ireland, two girls form a unique friendship that helps one of them escape her home life.

Written by Tessa Coburn

Directed by Terry Creagh

Produced by Robyn Mills

Running Time: 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Hammer Time

Young man becomes enveloped in crime.

Written and Directed by Keith Moran

Produced by Peadar O'Briain

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A con artist ignores the advice of her mentor and tries to con her high school rival, but the tables are turned when their mark threatens to turn them in unless they help her commit a crime. .

Written, Directed and Produced by John Gigrich

Written by Stephen Walsh

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: USA

Land of Winter

A lost young man staggers through Dublin's cold streets desperately trying to find somewhere still serving on a dark winter's night on the brink of snowfall.

Written and Directed by Tommy Creagh

Produced by James Fagan

Running Time 14 Minutes

Origin: Ireland


When a priest returns to his former parish, he discovers he has been replaced by something less than human.

Directed by George Hooker

Written and Produced by Christina Krug

Running Time: 5 Mins

Behind Cars

A multi-story car park attendant takes us through his typical working day.

Written, Directed and Produced by Leon Kavanagh

Running Time 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland

My Mother Is My Priest

An ode to mothers through film and poetry, this visual and powerful spoken word celebration of women and mothers is a statement against the patriarchal structure of many religious organizations. It supports the current global feminist movement and highlights the powerful and important role that women and mothers have in society. 

Written, Directed and Produced by Linda Bhreatnach

Running Time 2 Mins

Origin: USA

Zero Night Stand

Brendan and Emily have a one night stand. Only Brendan knows this isn't the first time... A time travel satire.

Written, Directed and Produced by Cormac Duff

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Short Film Program 3  Friday August  31st at 330pm
The Martello Suite


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Because of War, Lust and Love

Shortfilm based on the classic Irish tale, “The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne”, it's about a love triangle between the lines of 1916 rebellion.

Written, Directed and Produced by  Alessandro Dioguardi

Running Time 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Paige Fenton lives in a world of the near future where people have the ability to visualize their online presence while simultaneously moving around in the real world. Dependency on this online world, however, is damaging in more ways than one.

Written, Directed and Produced by Baz David

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Fletchers Hit

A suicidal accountant drunkenly puts a hit on himself online. Regretting his decision in the morning he must take every precaution necessary to survive.

Written, Directed and Produced by Eli Jordan

Running Time 12 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Go Home

Go Home is a spoken word short. Written by Siofra Ni Meara and created by Emma Foley and Shane Robinson. This short takes us through the mental state of a young woman in both the real and surreal world.

Written by Emma Foley and Shane Robinson

Directed by Shane Robinson

Produced by Emma Foley and  Tamryn Reinecke

Running Time 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Never Forget

A man dealing with post traumatic memory loss is visited by a young woman looking to check up on him. Without being able to trust his memories, does he truly know who he's dealing with or is he actually hiding something himself?

Written by Mark Agar

Directed by Conor Quinn

Produced by David Deehan

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

A Decent Proposal

Written and Directed by Cathal Feeney

Produced by Silvana Benedetto,  Himanshu Meshram, Jules Charlton and Claire Millane

Running Time 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Colour Saturn

Declan, a recently widowed man, finds himself at the edge of reason as he contemplates his life amongst the isolated landscapes of Howth. One foot to the edge, he’s egged on by his own personal antagonist, a freelance journalist circling and awaiting his next tragic story. Surrounded by death on one side and a life he’s trying to escape on the other, Declan is forced to open his eyes, and search for the colours that may end up being his only salvation.

Written by  Hugh Hick, Declan Greene, Kevin Dwan

Directed and Produced by Kevin Dwan

Running Time 9 Mins 

Origin: Ireland

An Idea

All sorts of things can happen in the search of an idea

Written, Directed and Produced by  Juan Paulín

Running Time 7 MIns

Origin: Mexico

Damned Peace

A ceasefire is called between two rival gangs. Everyone accepts the ceasefire except Denise an investigative journalist.

She believes there's more to the ceasefire than meets the eye. She finds her story but struggles with a dilemma. Truth or Peace?

Written and Directed by Eoghan Hand

Produced by Eoin Hand, Claire T Cassidy and Ian Kennelly

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland