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Closing Film and Awards

Closing Films
Stormtroopers and Heroes of the Empire
Sunday 7pm in the Martello Suite

Stormtroopers is a fan film about a platoon of Stormtroopers who raid a remote Rebel Mining outpost.  Stormtroopers was filmed in Ireland on location in Cork, Waterford & Tipperary.

Written and Directed by Michael Fitzgerald

Produced by Cork Racing

Running Time 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland

This 60 minute documentary follows the 501st UK Garrison Star WarsTM costuming club around the UK as they attend a variety of fundraising events - revealing the side of costuming you’ve never seen before. 

From international film premieres to children’s hospital visits, witness the impact that the UK Garrison (UKG) have on the hearts and minds of the fans they meet. 

Many people have a misguided perception of costumers, labelling them as “nerds” and “geeks”. In order to change this perception, we were given the privileged opportunity to meet the families and the fans who have been directly inspired and supported by the UKG. 

The film will reveal the wide variety of people who are inspired to join the UKG, from all walks of life and occupations. For these individuals, being “Heroes of the Empire” is their true identity.

Watch the trailer here

Directed by Tom Long
Produced by Tom Long and Ross Joseph
Running Time 60 Mins
Origin: UK

Special Guests on the Night - The 501st UK & Ireland Garrison
and the Producer and Director Of Heroes Of The Empire

2018 UCFF Awards

The awards for this years festival will be presented directly after the closing film.  Awards will be presented in the following categories

Best Short Irish Film

Best International Short Film

Best Actor

Best Actress 

Best Student Film

Best One Minute Film

Best Documentary

Special Jury Award