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Sunday Shorts

Short Program  (Student Program) - Sunday September 11th at 10am
The Martello Suite

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During a car journey, mother and daughter begin to unravel their past and as soon as things become too personal things take a turn for the worst.

Produced and Directed by Stephen Hannon
Written by Dermot Christophers
Running Time: 10 Mins
Origin: Ireland

Battle Scars

Battle Scars is a short film about a young girl and her family coming to terms with a big life decision she made.

Produced by Maire McFadden

Written and Directed by Sean Donnellan

Running Time: 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland


When a struggling family are unable to sell their home, they become trapped by a gang of loitering teenagers and unwanted neighbours. The father invests himself in his son's hurling match in order to distract himself from his problems. As the game plays out, the family's suffocation mounts, love blossoms and tragedy ensues.

Written and Directed by Paul Daly

Produced by Clare Nolan

Running Time: 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A satirical snapshot of film school seen through the eyes of our disenchanted protagonist. Soured by the endless constraints forced upon him and realising he is powerless against them Conor tries to make the best out of a bad situation.

Directed by Chris Rahill

Written by Chris Rahill and Sharon Morgan

Produced by Sharon Morgan

Running Time: 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland 

Get Up

Zoe's friends find her motionless on the apartment floor. They are worried and unsure of what to do. With one sided communication, how will they come together and reconnect?

Directed by Kornelia Rybacka

Written by Sarah Fallon

Produced by Alex Riva

Running Time: 5 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Searching Beneath the Soil

A volunteer search and rescue team are sent out to a secluded wooded area to look for a missing child. As the story unfolds we learn that not everyone is who they say they are, and that there may be an ulterior motive of a sinister nature.  

Directed by John Clarke and James Cadden
Written by James Cadden
Produced by Yee Wen Wong
Running Time: 15 Mins
Origin: Ireland


Thrown together by circumstance, cousins Leon and Jason are left alone to navigate the world the only way they know how. Through a series of life altering events, they are confronted with the harsh reality that comes with life beyond childhood.

Written and Directed by Ciaran Behan
Produced by Nicholas Marnitz
Running Time: 14 Mins
Origin: Ireland

Better Days

In 2017, construction will begin for the HS2 train line between London and Birmingham, devastating natural woodlands and tearing through communities. Some of the people affected are losing their businesses, and their homes, due to a lack of compensation. This is their story.

Directed and Produced by Joseph Driscoll

Running Time: 11 Mins

Origin: UK

Student Short Program   - Sunday September 11th at 1230pm
The Martello Suite

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 After the recent death of their mother, brothers Sean and Joseph both try to cope with the loss leading to tension in their relationship.

Produced, Written and Directed by Carl O'Dononan

Running Time 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A woman tries to escape from the man whom she loves, in order to protect her daughter from being sold as a prostitute by him.

Diretced by Kunlin Wang

Written by Kunlin Wang, Stella Zhou

Produced by Xia Huang

Running Time 11 Mins

Origin: USA

My Mother Once Told Me

Waking up alone in an otherworldly forest, a stiff young man is set a series of tasks forcing him to reconnect with his imaginative spirit. Only by viewing things less literally will he be able to reach the forests edge, and find his freedom in both body and mind.

Directed by Phil Davin 

Written by Owen Costello & Phil Davin

Produced by Diarmuid McCleary

Running Time: 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland 


Two men leading separate lives meet for a sexual encounter. One is comfortable with his sexuality, however the other is not. A conflict arises in which neither is guilty yet neither are innocent. 

Directed and Produced by Stephen Hannon

Written by Dermot Christophers

Running Time: 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Stephen is a gormless man in his early 20's. He reluctantly has to work at the family Strawberry stall, ruining his plans for the day. He carries out his shift, but not as he expects. Throughout the day Stephen is pestered by various characters, changing his day in a way he could have never imagined.

Directed by Jessica Young

Written by Robert McCabe

Produced by Daniel O'Toole

Running Time: 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A woman finds solace in the most unlikely of places. 

Directed and Witten by Skye S Alanazi 

Produced by the BCFE

Running Time: 4 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Aoibhinn and the Bear

A woman suffering from severe anxiety and depression begins to isolate herself from the outside world. She finds comfort in a teddy bear she has owned since childhood, always keeping it close. The bear soon appears to take over Aoibhinn's life which is something she refuses to properly address, making it unclear if it is truly helping her.

Directed and Written by Kieran Burke 

Produced by Peggy Ann Knight

Running Time: 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Eight year old Oliver has been raised without technology, but in a post-singularity world how long can his parents shield him from the inevitable?

Directed and Produced by Martin Curley, Lauren-Shannon Jones

Written by Lauren Shannon-Jones

Running Time: 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland

This Is Not A Love Song

In this expressionistic coming-of-age film, two self-alienated teenage girls with a Wikipedia-based understanding of punk rock music attend their first live show with some unexpected and potentially long-lasting consequences.

Directed and Written by Ursula Ellis

Produced by Max Rifkind-Barron, Emerson Nosek

Running Time: 10 Mins

Origin: USA


Contemporary Music Video. Original music by Irish singer / songwriter, Aoibhai­n Redmond. Video conception, shooting and editing by US filmmaker, Alexander Kuribayashi.

Directed and Produced by Alexander Kuribayashi

Written by Aoibhain Redmond

Running Time: 3 Mins

Origin: USA

Short Program
Sunday September 11th at 3pm

The Martello Suite

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Nowadays You Have to Invent Your Own Work

GIOVANNI is a man who is completely devoted to his job. Following his past as an artist, trying not to sink financially, he decides to take over the family tradition and become a carpenter even though he is aware that that's not the road he wants to walk.

Directed by Mario Vitale

Written by Mario Vitale, Francesco Governa

Produced by Mario Vitale, Fabio Vitale

Running Tim 16 Mins

Origin: Italy

Hunters Fall

When the bully is confronted how does he react

Directed by Peter J McCarthy 

Written by Ben Conway , Kevin McCarthy , Peter J McCarthy 

Produced by Ian de Bra­ , Richard Bolger, Francois Farrugia

Running Time 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Charlie has just discovered sliced bread. Here, we see the aftermath being documented. While his legacy is baked solid, we find out the price he has paid for his accolades.

Written and Directed by James Murray

Produced by James Murray & Dan O' Connell

Running Time 13 Mins

The Meeting

The Meeting is the story of a man, Lorenzo Salvi, who has to face with his Alter Ego who is richer than he is. This leads him to an insight on his life as an actor, having to face with everyday's jam like the noisy dance school at the first floor. After some weird coincidences the two men are finally supposed to meet...

Directed by Marcello Cotugno

Written by Marcello Cotugno, Philippe Goudard, Irene Alison

Produced by Luca Saantini

Running Time: 13 Mins

Origin: Italy


Cathy and Susan, two best friends, have decided to skip school for the day. They venture into the nearby forest and decided to conduct some magic spells in the hope of their romantic dreams coming true.

Directed by Sean Breathnach

Written by Irene Kelleher

Produced by Superego

Running Time: 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Pigman

A strange half man half pig creature, the Pigman, shuffles home to his derelict house high up in the mountains. On his way he passes a local pub, full of life. Curious and eager to join in the Pigman is shunned and told to go home. One night alone in his mountainous home he comes across an incident which offers him an opportunity to change his position in society.

Written and Directed by Rik Gordon

Produced by Rik Gordon, Sarah Laura Hauenstein

Running Time 17 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland

Uisce Beatha

On a visit to see her parents who have returned from London to their original home in west kerry, Bebhínn struggles with her father's choice of returning to rural Ireland to farm as opposed to the London lifestyle that she's used to. Through an unexpected event, Bebhínn sees her dad in a very different light which changes their relationship forever. 

Written, Directed & Produced by Elaine Kennedy

Running Time: 11 Mins

Origin: Ireland

JFK The Badgeman Conspiracy

The Grassy Knoll a Badgeman's assassin meets with a United States Intelligence Agency courier at a prearranged secret location every 4 years, whereupon he takes delivery of payment for his continued silence. He's blackmailing his former shadowy employers to ransom with classified documents in his possession exposing the truth behind the assassination in Dallas, Texas of President John F. Kennedy. In dread of the assassin ever going public with his incriminating evidence the agency has till now, complied with his extortion demands. The agency courier has but one question for the infamous Badgeman before the payload handover is the package still safe?

Directed by Paul Valentine & John Sheridan

Written by John Sheridan

Produced by Lucina Russell & Paul Valentine & Darren Mahon 

Running Time 39 Mins

Short Program
Sunday September 11th at 530pm

The Martello Suite

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Drop the Hand 

Comedy drama short film set among the Irish community and building sites of 1980s Reading, Berkshire.

Written and Directed by Simon O'Neill
Produced by Simon O'Neill, Sarah Janalli, Terri Hems Anderson
Running Time 23 Mins
Origin: UK

Bearing All

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but Jason's friend is a little overbearing. Ever present, always happy and selfie obsessed.

Directed and produced by Garret Daly

Running Time: 10 Mins

Origina: Ireland

Mama Hen

Mama Hen is a charming documentary about mothers and daughters … told through one woman and her chickens.

Cornflake the hen, the most beloved surrogate child, is undergoing an operation to replace her missing beak and resume her place among the flock, despite running the fateful risk of leaving mum behind.

Written, Directed and produced by Ryan Ralph

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: Northern Ireland

Fuller Democracy

On her quest to transform democracy, Canadian author Roslyn Fuller runs for election. She wants to open up the political process by unleashing the power of a digital democracy; having her constituents decide how she votes in the Da¡il. How will the realities of money and the media affect her chances as the votes are counted?

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Victory

Running Time 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Will You stand for Me?

A passionate call for equality.

Written and Directed by Eamonn Tutty

Produced by Alan Dunne, Eamonn Tutty

Running Time 5 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Abel is an artist who wants to leave his country, in which he experiences many hardships. For that purpose, he plays upon the feelings of two foreign women of different nationalities, until he has one of them financing his trip. Meanwhile, and to be sure he will reach his goal, he conveniently keeps the other around with sweet speeches and secret love letters.

Written and Directed by Simone Mesquita

Produced by Josue Fernandez

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: Cuba

Heavenly Sins

A nice old lady and a slovenly plumber transport us into a grotesque alternate reality, where their unlikely partnership  ends up bringing a new vitality to their everyday routine.

Directed by Maria Fiorentini

Written by Lorcan Murphy, Cathal Feeney, Maria Fiorentini

Produced by Cathal Feeney

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Apparel

Joesph is a forty-something whose life seems to be unraveling just a little. Moved into emergency accommodation with an unkempt twenty-something, he clings to the last vestiges of the life he knew before - his job as curator of an art gallery.

Directed by Peter Delaney

Written by Dan Mooney

Produced by Ronan Cassidy

Running Time 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Day Off

Laura struggles at first to come to terms with her husband's life-changing affliction, her only distraction is her Day Off, where once a week she finds time to see her friends and socialise.

Directed by Stephen Hall
Written by Peter McNamara
Produced by Ronan Cassidy
Running Time 14 Mins
Origin: Ireland


A romance develops between Ann and Bob, but his bad habit of being continuously late is taking the excitement away and she feels taken for granted.

Directed by Paul Corey

Written by Philip Shanahan

Produced by Ronan Cassidy

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A man finds himself out of his depth after committing an assassination for a shady organization. His rendezvous in a Dublin barbers does not go to plan as he finds himself at the business end of a cut throat razor. The part time barbers, full time murders and vaudevillian wannabe's seize their chance by taking down Mr.Big and begin their quest for showbiz fame and fortune.

Written and directed by Anthony Breatnach

Produced by Robert Kelly

Running Time: 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland