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Sunday Shorts

Short Program 6  (Student Program) - Sunday September 3rd at 10am
The Martello Suite

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Front of House Price €60

Online Ticket Price €50

Your Festival Pass gives you access to all of our features and shorts over the four days of the festival.  


A kidnapped man finds himself locked in a room with four strangers, all of whom speak different languages. This peculiar room has no windows or doors, but contains a conspicuous altar which demands a sacrifice.

Written and Produced by Adam Cahill
Directed by Adam Cahill and Wayne Mulligan
Running Time: 12 Mins
Origin: Ireland

Where's Dad?

An insight into the lives of single fathers in modern day Ireland

Produced, Written and Directed by Gary White

Running Time: 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Sophie sits alone by herself in a park, danger lurks close by. Is she victim or something much more sinister?

Written and Directed by Karl Callan

Produced by Sua Kim

Running Time: 5 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Behind the Curtain

Harry Gold, a motivational speaker and life guru extraordinaire, shares his unforgiving and unholy methods for achieving greatness.

Directed and Produced by Robert Slattery

Written by Robert Slattery & Colm Lennon

Produced by Sharon Morgan

Running Time: 11 Mins

Origin: Ireland 

Will Power

A singer, teetering on the brink of washed up, has one last attempt at the success that has always been barely out of reach.

Written, Directed and Produced by Emma O'Brien

Running Time: 10Mins

Origin: Ireland


A lone scientist, David, finds himself to be one of the last remaining people alive after the world is consumed by a devastating plague.

Written and Directed by Conor Sargent
Produced by Shauna Doyle

Running Time: 17 Mins
Origin: Ireland

Life After Text

Life after Text is a dramatic animated short that follows a recently released prisoner from Mount joy and his journey back home to his loving wife and child. However life doesn’t seem quite the same.

Written, Directed and Produced by Stephen Mannix
Running Time: 7 Mins
Origin: Ireland


Detective thriller set in Dublin

Directed by Emma Jackson and Igor Osipov

Running Time: 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Growing Alice

Told from the point of view of Alice's bedroom mirror, 'Growing Alice' depicts her changing relationship with her mother from the day she's born until her late teens.

Written and Directed by Danilo Zambrano

Produced by Gabriela Chrobak

Running Time 4 Mins

Origin: Ireland

One Bite

Jake is meeting his girlfriend's parents for dinner. What could go wrong?

Written and Directed by Danilo Zambrano

Produced by Laura Gaynor

Running Time 3 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A young woman in search of her missing brother encounters a well-dressed man. The smart attire hides a baleful intent as the young women begins to feel uneasy about the chance connection.

Written and Directed by Thomas Mozden

Produced by Ruth Ennis

Running Time: 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland 

The Footfall in the Lobby

A bored and lonely hotel worker encounters a strange guest.

Directed by Gerard O'Keefe

Written by Jonathan Barry

Produced by Annilina Kankaansiivu

Running Time: 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Hidden Potential

A young school child (8) is bullied throughout school. Until, he steps up & does something remarkable.

Written, Produced and Directed by Eamonn McMahon

Running Time: 11 Mins

Origin: Ireland