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Sunday International Films

Festival Pass

Front of House Price €60

Online Price €50

Your festival pass will gain you entry to all short and feature programs over the course of the four days of the festival 

International Film Pass

Underground Cinema continues to promote not only Irish Independent film makers but international film makers as well.  There is so much to learn from our international film makers  Their style of film making is exceptional and an awful lot can be learned from these critically acclaimed films. 

To encourage more Irish audiences to view international work we are offering a special day ticket that will give you access to all international sort and feature films.  The ticket is priced at just €7.50.  You can come and go as you please throughout the day of the screening

A Selection of Short and International Films will be screened on Sunday September 3rd from 10am onwards - Screenings are in the Kingston Suite 


Screening at 10am in the Kingston Suite
Six Londoners cross paths at a park bench in Haggerston. Love, laughs, tears and music.

Directed and Produced my Mary Mullan
Written by Tony Sands
Running Time 60 Mins
Origin: UK

The Long Night

Screening at 1105am in the Kingston Suite
A down on his luck Irish immigrant is drawn into the Toronto underworld when he does a favour for the owner of the bar where he works.

Written and Directed by Gregory Breen
Produced by Rob Freeman and Gregory Breen
Running Time 75 Mins
Origin: Canada


Who Am I?

'Who I Am' is a drama short film based on true events, with an original script written by Monika Wilczynska. It is a coming of age tale about Elijah, a young transgender teenager from a very religious background, who has to try to reconcile their identity with their faith and their family’s expectations of them. With the help of anti-conformist Lisbeth and their friends, Elijah learns not to compromise their own integrity in face of prejudice and adversity. The film inquires: can an LGBTQ-identifying person benefit from religion whilst staying true to who they are? Why is it important to tackle identity in regards to religion? How restrictive is our perception of spirituality and divinity? Who I Am does not attempt to answer these questions, but it aspires to open the dialogue to the public on subjects that have been under-represented or taboo for far too long.

Written, Directed and Produced by Monika Wilczynska

Running Time 17 Mins

Origin: UK

Waiting For

Three women face themselves while travelling to a mysterious destination.  A journey to hope in the future and to reconstruct the past.  It's a journey made up of expectations and acknowledgement, love and fight  As Marcel Proust wrote "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

At the end of this voyage our characters will look at the world and themselves with different eyes.

Written and Directed by Matteo Pianezzi
Produced by Corso Codecasa
Running Time 15 Mins
Origin: Italy

The Trap

This non-dialog short movie raises the issue of ethics of wild animals captivity. The girl, lost in the forest, faces with the bear escaped from the circus. They had a chance to make friends in spite of the wild beast which lives inside every animal, even trained one, and which is ready to break free any time. However, their friendship will suffer a sad fate, again with human intervention.

Written, Directed and Produced by Olesya Kustova

Running Time 11 Mins

Origin: Russia

The Goatman of Kananaskis

A group of campers share scary stories about the legendary Goatman of Kananaskis.

Written and Directed by Tristin Deveau

Produced by Tristan Deveau and Maria Colonescu

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: Canada

Egg and Soldiers

A single Irish Dad forgets the tree on christmas eve. Ned the older son's humanity is challenged when he risks everything to give his younger brother Marco a real Irish Christmas.

Written and Directed by Imelda O'Reilly 

Produced by Fazinate Films

Running Time 20 Mins

Origin: USA


While snooping through his grandfather's desk, a 14-year-old boy uncovers a stash of nude magazines. Not wanting to get caught by his grandfather, he attempts to cover up his repeated visits to the lovely 'Carol.'

Written and Directed by Victor Fanucchi 
Produced by Barbara Twist
Running Time 13 Mins
Origin: USA


Interstellar space flight has finally allowed humanity to search for new worlds beyond the edges of our Solar System. After a chance discovery made by Dr. Carter Franson (Glenn Ellis) and Dr. Amelia Jones (Melody rooks) The morality of humanity is fiercely divided – what is it that we are truely hoping to find out there, and for what purpose? Meanwhile a unique species of natives on their home planet have their own plans with the galaxy. As the two civilisations collide on Alina, who will lay claim to this new world? 

Written, Directed and Produced by Glenn Ellis

Running Time 26 Mins

Origin: Australia


A young woman awakens in the woods, alone and covered in blood, with no memory of how she got there.

Written, Directed and Produced by Timothy Collins

Running Time 12 Mins

Origin: USA


Ride along with the Facebook Police as they attempt to investigate, prosecute, and persecute, some of the worst Facebook faux pas offenders.

Written, Directed and Produced by John Gigrich

Running Time: 8 Mins

Origin: USA

9-11 Pizza

One day a woman call 911 and order a pizza ..... And if this. Time it's not a joke ?

Directed and Written by  Elefterios Zacharopoulos

Produced by Sophie Wittmer & Jean Luc Van Damme

Running Time 7 Mins 

Origin: Belgium

Why Siegfried Teitelbaum
Had To Die

Screening at 245pm
Who was Siegfried Teitelbaum? Why did he have to die? Did he even exist? Was hitman Stefán who barely survived a shot in the head possibly involved in the case. While being interrogated by interrogation-specialist Dante, Stefán informs him of his order to eliminate the alleged super-mobster Siegfried Teitelbaum. But this routine job, it seems, has gone all wrong and even forces Stefán´s unknowing wife Samantha to stumble into her very own adventure. Is Stefán tell the truth or is he simply attempting to deceive Dante? Could all that has happened be part of an elaborate plan?

Written, Directed & Produced by Axel B. Steinmueller
Running Time 100 Mins
Origin: Germany


Screening at 430pm
Emiliano is an aspiring filmmaker who has directed several short films, and he feels it's time to experiment with a feature film. After a first attempt, ambiguous and failed, to find a production willing to finance his project, Emiliano meets Marco. Strong and charismatic, Marco is an outsider, a bishop of an alternative type of cinema, who enters into Emiliano's life undermining all his certainty. To achieve his dream Emiliano will have to question his most deeply held convictions looking for his "real" self once and for all.

Written and Directed  by Raffaele Salvaggiola
Produced by  Raffaele Salvaggiola & Giovanni Basso
Running Time 94 Mins
Origin: Italy

The Quiet One

Screening at 615pm
Lenny Parker wants a quiet life running his local pub. Dominic Gleeson isnt going to give him that. 

Once he leaves they make those he left behind lives hell.  Eventualy he comes back

Written and Directed by Jonathan Pegg
Produced by Lou Murrall