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Sunday Films

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Front of House Price €60

Online Ticket Price €50

Your VIP Ticket gives you access to all of our features and shorts over the three days of the festival.  Does not include access to opening or closing film

Don't Listen - Sunday September 11th at 11am
The Carlisle Suite


Don't Listen

A young woman slowly starts to lose her grip on reality as her grief and depression begins to overwhelm her.

Directed by Brian McDonnell

Written by Brian McDonnell, Shane Robinson, Esther Woods

Produced by Brian McDonnell, Andrew Loughran

Running Time: 104 Minutes

Front of House Ticket Prices €7.00

Online Ticket Prices €6.00

Urban Traffik - Sunday September 11th at 115pm
The Carlisle Suite

Urban Traffik

A seemingly homeless man with a dark intent, faces tough choices in Dublin's underbelly when a free spirited, intended victim forces him to revaluate his life.

Written and Directed by Jason Figgis

Produced by Matthew Toman

Running Time 82 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Promises - Sunday September 11th at 2pm
Kingston Suite


Latchkey kids lose touch when one of them moves away, only to reconnect years later without realizing it, having changed their names to escape their pasts. Once they realize who each other are; they are able heal the wounds of their pasts.

Directed by Melody Brooke, Michael Henricks
Written and Produced by Melody Brook
Running Time 117 Mins
Origin: USA

Lift - Sunday September 11th at 315pm
The Carlisle Suite


Sean's vicious attack leaves a man unconscious and him stranded in an elevator with five others. In the confines of the lift, love has a chance of blossoming - violence has a chance of erupting - Sean has little chance of escape. With his freedom hanging in the balance can the people who fear him offer him one last chance of redemption?

Directed by Conor Armstrong Sanfey

Written by Kealan Ryan

Produced by Conor Armstrong Sanfey and Kealan Ryan

Running Time: 75 Mins

Origin: ireland

Behind Some Dark Cloud - Sunday September 11th at 430pm
Kingston Suite

Behind Some Dark Cloud

A girl grows up. 

Written and Directed by Chelsea Kane

Produced by Matthew Pourviseh

Running Time: 90 Mins

Origina: USA

In View

Tormented by guilt over the death of her family Ruth comes to decide that by donating her organs she will placate her utter self-loathing.

Written and Directed by Ciaran Creagh

Produced by David Byrne, Ciaran Creagh and Simon Doyle

Running Time 90 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Closing Film & Awards Cermony - Class A
Sunday September 11th at 8pm
The Carlisle Suite

Class A

Two drug dealers get blackmailed by a corrupt detective.

Written, Directed and Produced by Stephen Gaffney
Running Time 85 Mins
Origin: Ireland

UCFF Awards

The 7th UCFF Awards will be presented directly after the closing film.  The categories this year are as follows:

Best Independent Feature Film

Best Independent Feature Film Runner Up

Best International Feature Film

Best Short Film

Short Film Runner Up

Best International Short Film

Best Student Short Film

Best Documentary

Winner of the One Minute Short Competition

Tickets to the awards include the closing fim screening