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Saturday Shorts

Short Film Program 4 - Saturday September 2nd at 1000am
The Martello Suite 

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Front of House Price €60

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Your festival pass gives you access to all all short and feature films throughout the four days of the festival.  Includes opening or closing films

Short Film Ticket 

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Entry to Short Film Program 3

Neolithic Patchwork

Herman is approaching the end of cancer treatment but also suffers from mental meanderings. A tragedy that befalls his wife later adds more reflection about his attitudes to life and a deep life lesson.

Written and Directed by Paul Heary

Produced by Victor McGowan

Running Time 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Kings and Queens

A group of friends having a drink together and playing cards. Though how well do you know your best friends when the secrets start to come out. 

Kings and Queens explores the love, laughter, and secrets that people keep from those closest to them

Written and Directed by Connor Quinn

Running Time: 25 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Self Tape

A disillusioned actor attempts to make a self tape audition piece and ends up questioning the very value of life.

Directed by Noel Brady

Written and Produced by John Duggan and Noel Brady

Running Time: 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Michael is out walking when he meets Jack, who is stuck in a tree but refuses any help. Michael realises there’s more to Jack’s story.

Directed by Robert Keane and Christopher Galvin

Written by Christopher Galvin

Produced by Robert Keane

Running Time: 5 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A story about the humanising effect of love in an ever dehumanising dystopian near future.

Written and Directed by Simon Curry

Produced by Ben Condell and Elise Brown

Running Time: 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Following a string of murders and the robbery of a local crime lord, two bit mobsters Frank and Tony embark on their toughest challenge yet... nipping out to the garage in the middle of a homicide, it all seems so simple.

Directed by Brian O'Neill

Written by David Svedberg

Produced by Eoin Naughton

Running Time: 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Robber Girls

Dorothy and Beryl are two clever thieves who rob from the rich and keep the loot for themselves. This time they have their eyes on something big, a priceless engagement diamond belonging to a wealthy lord!

Written and Directed by Robert Howat

Produced by Paul Darroch

Running Time 10 Mins

The Tell Tale Heart

He loses his mind caring for an old man. Adapted from 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe.

Written and Directed by Patrick Ketch

Produced by Chris Cullen

Running Time: 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland

U Never Listen

A costume party on 31st October has nothing to worry about unless the punch runs out, when someone gets a disturbing call from Los Angeles. But who's going to end up having the Halloween Night from Hell? Horror icon Billy Chainsaw stars in this Los Angeles themed pitch black 21st century take on one of the world's most-loved children's stories.

Written, Directed and Produced by Nina Romain

Running Time 4 Mins

Origin: USA


A father's struggle to catch the most important soccer match of the year.

Directed and Produced by Lorcan Dunne

Written by Peter Toplis

Running Time 13 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Good Business

Humanity makes a deal with a new client.

Directed and Produced by Ray Sullivan

Written by Simon Roy

Running Time 5 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Short Film Program 5  Saturday September 2nd at 1230pm
The Martello Suite 

Short Film Ticket 

Front of House Price €7

Online Price €6

Entry to Short Film Program 4


A young woman on the run from her past finds solace and oblivion in the arms of a mysterious dancer

Written and Directed by Nicolas Courdouan

Produced by Anna Harris

Running Time 22 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Aftermath is an intense fantasy/thriller about two detectives who have captured a man covered in blood hovering over a mutilated body.

Directed by Nigel O'Brien

Written by C.F. Fleming

Produced by Emma Owen

Running Time: 7 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Canal Bank Talks

A homeless man wakes up to a bleak world where nothing seems to be going his way. After an altercation he has a talk with his only friend, a statue of Dublin' s Grand Canal.

Written, Directed and Produced by Rian Mahood Gallagher

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Lions Share

Based on true events in Dublin Zoo. The keepers face drastic decisions and must overcome personal conflicts, if they are to save the animals during revolution of 1916,.. and keep alive a "Rising" Hollywood star ?

Written and Directed by Owen O'Gorman

Produced by Caoline Brennan

Running Time: 23 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Inanimate Affair

Love can sometimes be found in the strangest of places

Written and Directed by Jessica Hayden

Produced by Aaron Hopkins

Running Time: 9 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Sean Ryan an Irish paramedic working in New York, He struggles every day to manage a fractured home life as well as death and depravity of the New York City streets.

Written and Produced by Peter McNamara

Produced by Peter Halpin

Running Time 20 Mins

Origin: Ireland

They Make You Grow a Beard 

A young father must fight to save his son, when he finds out that his friends are being replaced by people with beards. An absurdist horror, the film looks satirically at the changing nature of the modern man.

Written and Directed by Anthony Kinsella

Produced by James Galvin

Running Time: 11 Mins

Origin: Ireland


The film tells the story of Lily, a girl with a secret, on the cusp of becoming a young woman.

Written and Directed by Graham Cantwell

Produced by Sharon Cronin

Running Time 21 Mins

Origin: Ireland


HOSTAGE is set in contemporary Dublin and is about a Lady who's husband is taken hostage and is forced to make a decision that will change both her and her husband's lives forever.

Written, Directed and Produced by Maruthi

Running Time 18 Mins

Origin: Ireland