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Friday Shorts

Short Film Program 1 - Friday September 9th at 11am
The Martello Suite

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The Old Secret

"The Old Secret" is a noir thriller, set in a small village in Ireland, telling a non-linear story spanning over a 30 year time period. Its about Max and Dorothy, a couple who are now in their late 50's. Max carries a dark secret from the past, and we can see it torments him. Unfortunately, it appears to involve his beloved wife. His memories seem to burn into his conscience, and lately, he just can't hide it from her. But the words are difficult to say, and a confession won't come easily from him or, from his wife Dorothy, for that matter.

Written and Directed by Fabiano Albuquerque

Produced by Fergus Keane

Running Time: 16 Mins

Origin: Ireland 

More Than a Barbershop

More Than a Barbershop is a short documentary which captures what is happening in this small corner of Dublin, tells how this mad idea started and developed, and explains how this place has become an icon in the Irish Music scene.

Written Directed and Produced by Xandru Fernandez Ramirez, Fernando Otero Perandones

Running Time: 19 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Sweetest Thing

A romantic comedy. Two strangers fall head over heels in love over some sugar cubes.

Directed by Douglas O'Connor

Written and Produced by Greig Stevens

Running Time: 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland


A running man on a road to nowhere meets an artist who knows more about him than he could ever dare imagine. 

Directed by John White

Writtn by Caroline Grace-Cassidy, Ciara Geraghty

Produced by Kevin Cassidy

Running Time 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Getting There

Harry is a young man who has developed an obsession with a girl he has seen in college.  Originally planning to strike up a conversation with her, he now simply shows up in the places he knows she will be.  With the help of his psychiatrist, Dr Marlowe, he is trying to get over this infatuation, while at the same time, keeping it, and much of his life, a secret from his sister Alice, who is trying to help him open up while coping with problems of her own.

Directed by Tim Hanan

Written by Tima Hanan & Shane Larkin

Produced by Max Ramsbottom, Aoife Sweeney

Running Time: 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Johnny Cuddler - Male Escort

In a world of high paying cougars and handsome escorts we meet male escort Johnny Cuddler, a man who takes great pride in his looks, his charm and his job. A camera crew document Johnny’s daily routine giving us an insight into the world of an established high class male escort.

Produced & Directed  by Trevor O'Neill

Running Time 11 Minutes


Leave is a film about random events and their consequences; a film about how your life can change without warning

Directed by Mike Hayes

Written by Gerard Dempsey

Produced by Laura McNicholas

Running Time: 15 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Is This What I Want?

A glance into the setbacks and hurdles of the modern Irish rock band.

Directed and Produced by Johnny Brew

Running Time: 11 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Fireman and the Nurse

Teenage nights can change lives forever. It's 1994 and Anna and Paul lock eyes and lips at their local school disco but it is a long way from then to the day-to-day of a suburban marriage. Twenty years later they seek some assistance to save their crumbling marriage and it leads them to play roles they had long dreamed of. Funny and poignant, 'The Fireman and the Nurse' explores the nature of marriage and the lengths people will go to save their relationships. 

Written and Directed by Gemma Doorly

Produced by Gemma Doorly, Ronan Murphy

Running Time: 14 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Reel: Irish Women

"Reel: Irish Women" is a semi-fictional short film depicting the prominent role of women in the 1916 Rising and how this role was erased from history.

Written and Directed by Elaine Gallagher

Running Time: 8 Mins


From 1993 to the year 2000 Gardai ­ believe that a suspected serial killer was active in the Dublin region. A number of women went missing without a trace. PREY tells the story of these events from the perspective of the only person who knows what really happened to these women.....The killer. 

Written, Directed and Produced by Liam MacBhaird

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Made in the USA
A selection of short films made in the USA.  Screenings will take place in the
Kingston Suite Friday September 9th at 1130 am
Admission is Free 

Kiss of Death

A black-and-white neo-noir short film about a young thief and his wife who prepare to flee town by sunrise, until the arrival of a mysterious stranger changes everything.

Written and Directed by Timothy Collins, Jillian Kibler

Produced by Tri Nguyen, Timothy Collins, Jillian Kibler

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: USA

All Too Often

A young woman tells her brother about being assaulted, and both are unsure about what to do next.

Written, Directed and produced by John Gigrich

Running Time 6 Mins

Origin: USA

A Town Called Theocracy

After the mayor of a theocratic regime imposes tough film restrictions, the sullen projectionist of a failing movie theater is inspired by a stranger passing through town to create a unique flick to skirt the oppressive system.

Directed by Jehad N. Al-Khateeb

Written by Mark Feigenbutz

Produced by Xzavian CookBey

Running Time: 15 Mins

Origin: USA


Years after a nuclear war, a guerrilla fighter living alone in the wilderness struggles to survive when she realizes she is going blind.

Written, Directed and produced by Adam Getz

Running Time 20 Mins

Origin: USA 


A young assassin attempts to find out why her former employer is trying to kill her.

Written, Directed and Produced by John Gigrich

Running Time 8 Mins

Origin: USA

Return to Zanskar

30 years after their first visit, two American college friends return to an ancient Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayas to reconnect with their past, and witness a culture being dragged into the modern world as the first ever road to the monastery nears completion.

Directed by Daniel Bull, Bryan Liptzin

Written by Bryan Liptzin

Produced by Bryan Liptzin, Daniel Bull

Running Time 23 Mins

Origin: USA

Short Film Program 2  Friday September 9th at 130pm
The Martello Suite

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Front of House Ticket Price  €7

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Little One

Whilst walking home, a Mother a Child are followed by a suspicious man in a suburban area. 

Written and Directed by Ferdia MacAnna

Produced by Rachael Kearney

Running Time: 3 Mins

Origin: Ireland

The Stand Up

A Man tierd with his life takes a chance on following his dreams

Written, Produced and Directed by Ciaran O'Donnell

Running Time: 20 Mins

Origin: Ireland


Matt Hughes is grieving the death of his wife. Alone and isolated, he reaches out to an old flame to reconnect with her and a sense of normality. But he must deal with the consequences of his past actions. 

Written and Directed by  Peter James Melrose

Produced by Kilian Hanratty

Running Time: 20 Mins

Origin: Ireland


As the party dies down, Robyn pulls Dave aside to pitch her latest proposal to him. 

Written and Directed by Abraham Tarrush

Produced by James Galvin

Running Time 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Dick Pic

Three heterosexual guys go to homoerotic extremes for the worthy cause of acquiring chicks.

Written, Directed and Produced by Rob Reeves

Running Time: 4 Mins

Origin: Ireland

One Day

A man, feeling like he's repeating the same day over and over, tries to fix his mundane life.

Directed by Cillian Ward

Written by Riche Kenrick

Produced by Dave Mack, Cillian Ward

Running Time 6 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Summon Her Children

The film tells the little known story of a group of the Portlaoise Company of The Irish Volunteers and their efforts to carry out an order from Padraig Pearse on the eve of the Easter Rising 1916. They devise a plan to prevent British reinforcements from reaching Dublin by train, in an effort to allow their comrades to strike a blow that would be heard worldwide and would herald the beginning of the Irish journey to independence. This is a story about family, friendship and freedom. 

"The generations shall remember them, and call them blessed" - Padraig Pearse 

Directed by Wesley O'Duinn

Written by Micheal Fleming

Produced by Martin Twomey, John Delaney

Running Time 10 Mins

Origin: Ireland


How far is too far when it comes to revenge? One man reaches his limit when he seeks to avenge a horrible crime and we see the outcome and effects it has on those concerned

Written and Directed by Jonathan Clancy

Produced by Diarmuid Long

Running Time 16 Minutes

Origin: Ireland

Harry Stands Up

Harry, a strange, lonely man living in a big house in the middle of nowhere,  spends his time aimlessly watching ancient cartoons and taking orders from his frail yet overbearing mother. One day, a robin visits him, creating a rare and welcome spark of excitement in his life...

Written and Directed by John McGovern

Produced John McGovern, Peadar O'Briain

Running Time: 8 Mins