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Friday Feature Films

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The Life Exotic - Friday September 9th at 1pm
 The Kingston Suite


The Life Exotic

The G.W. Zoo, located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, is the world’s largest private zoo featuring over 187 big cats. The zoo is operated by founder Joe Schreibvogel, a.k.a. Joe Exotic, the self-described “gay, gun-carrying redneck with a mullet.” Joe and his two husbands live in a small house behind the zoo along with a full-grown African lion, four liger cubs (because ligers are real) a kangaroo and family of “wiener dogs.” The zoo was named after Joe’s brother, “G.W.” who loved exotic animals and had always dreamed of traveling to Africa to see lions roaming free. Then tragedy struck, and G.W. was killed by a drunk semi-truck driver. While he lay dying in a Texas hospital, his brother Joe promised that he would dedicate his life to protecting the animals that his brother loved. Almost twenty years on, Joe, his partners and the staff at the zoo continue to live the life exotic and honor the commitment made to G.W. But their eccentric and polyamorous lifestyle, along with their passion for rescuing big cats, has made Joe and his zoo the subject of harsh criticisms and controversy. Love him or hate him, you’ll be fascinated by the incredible true story of Joe Schreibvogel.

Written and Directed by J.D. Thompson

Produced by J.D. Thompson, Brielle King

Running Time: 85 Mins

Origin: USA
This screening is free of charge and is on a first come first serve basis

Empty Space - Friday September 9th at 3pm
Kingston Suite

Empty Space

"Empty Space" is a feature film that was written by the talented writer/director, Judi Krant, who wrote and directed 'Made In China', a feature film I produced in 2009 that won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Film at SXSW and distributed by IFC films. 'Empty Space' is a coming of age dramedy about, Tom, an overweight young man who takes refuge at his grandmother’s cabin in rural Protection, IL, in an attempt to bury the years of being bullied and feeling rejected. While in town, he meets a precocious blind girl named Lilly, who shows him how to be accepted and loved.

Directed by James Choi 

Written by Judi Krant, Paul Boring

Produced by James Choi , Judi Krant , Brad LaRocco, JoAnne Zielinski

Running Time 75 Mins

Origin: USA

This screening is free of charge and is on a first come first serve basis

Trinity - Friday September 9th at 4pm
Martello Suite 



Can You Keep A Secret? 

A man accidentally bumps into the priest who abused him when he was a child at a local coffeeshop, sending him on a twisted journey through his past.

Written and Directed by Skip Shea

Produced by Skip Shea, Stacy Buchanan

Running Time 83 Mins

Origin: USA

This screening is free of charge and is on a first come first serve basis

Storm Warning: The Story Of Count Tornado - Friday September 9th at 5pm
Kingston Suite


Storm Warning: The Story of Count Tornado

A slightly comical and moving story about well known cult music artist Count Tornado, who despite suffering from anxiety neurosis and delusions of fame, he has actually gained a large fan base around Ireland and a cult following

Written, Directed and Produced by Stephen Cori

Running Time: 68 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Front of House Ticket Prices €7.00

Online Ticket Prices €6.00

Official Opening Film
Dead Along The Way - Friday September 9th at 6pm
The Kingston Suite

Dead Along The Way

A hapless pair of wedding videographers find themselves dealing with a dead body, overly enthusiastic Gardai, fertility treatment, a vengeful gangster... oh, and an imminent wedding,

Written and Directed by Maurice O'Carroll
Produced by Sinead O'Riordan, Elaine O Carroll, Maurice O Carroll
Running Time: 87 Mins
Origin: Ireland
Tickets €10 (includes drinks reception)

Free Screening
Real Kink  - Friday September 9th at 8pm
Kingston Suite

Real Kink

BDSM, fetish, kinky sex…everything you can or cannot imagine about kink is in San Francisco and is part of the diverse cultures of this city along with LGBT. Featuring a variety of subjects, “Kink Is Real” is a nonjudgmental feature length documentary to meet real kinky people and reveal the truthful and often positive aspect of the local kink community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Written and Directed by Will J. Zang

Produced by Will J. Zang, Jennifer M. Kroot

Running Time 68 Mins

Origin: USA

Shoebox Memories - Friday September 9th at 830pm
Martello Suite

Shoebox Memories

Shoebox Memories is a love story inspired by music. The film follows a jaded musician, Chris (Colm Gavin), as he has his heart broken, meets Emma Jane (Jemma NicLochlainn) embarks on a no-strings-attached relationship and struggles to not fall in love. As he experiences the highs and lows of his new found relationship, Chris’ deals with his feelings and frustrations the only way he knows how… by playing music.

Written and Directed by Jason Branigan 

Produced by Jason Branagan, Grace Cotter, Sharon Crowley, Laurance Meade

Running Time 75 Mins

Origin: Ireland

Front of House Ticket Prices €7.00 

Online Ticket Prices €6.00